Edging & Mulching

Spring is an incredibly busy time for us with our planting, edging and mulching projects.  We have several methods for putting a nice edge on a landscape bed.  The guy with a shovel method is still used on some of our smaller landscape projects, but we usually use a more efficient method.  We use modern equipment on larger projects like the gas-powered Bed-shaper or the gas-powered stick-edger.

Most people enjoy the look of a freshly mulched landscape, but mulching has many other benefits.  However did you know it provides nutrients to the soil, adds organic matter, insulates plant roots from harsh weather (hot and cold) and also allows water to penetrate the soil and access by plant roots.

We have a variety of mulches available.  Black or brown dyed mulch are customer favorites because of their color holding capacity.  Dyed mulch also uses recycled wood products and environmentally friendly ingredients in the dye.  For the more natural look, we can mulch with a traditional hardwood blend or a premium hardwood bark-mulch.  We can also mulch with a River-jack for a low maintenance area such as around an HVAC unit.  In this case we will often apply a weed fabric to inhibit weed growth and keep the river stone from compacting into the soil.  River stone lacks some of the other benefits of traditional mulch, has a higher up-front cost, but can work well in a low maintenance area.