Lawn Care

Proper mowing is one of the most important primary practices in keeping your lawn healthy.  Cutting your lawn is stressful so just mowing isn’t what makes the lawn look good.  Mowing height and frequency also help determine the look of your lawn.  At Keystone Lawn Company, Inc all this is planned to be sure your lawn keeps it attractive look all season long.

Keystone Lawn Company, Inc maintains large commercial properties, residential homeowner’s associations as well as individual residences.  Additionally, Keystone Lawn Company, Inc is one of the only mowing companies in Lancaster County to include propane mowers.  It is more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.  We are equipped for bagging or mulching the grass clippings depending on the customer’s preference and need of the lawn. (Bagging of grass clippings leaves a cleaner site, but mulching the clippings is often better for the soil.)